MusicLive DJ Mix: DARK MODE [001]

Sink into the inky blackness with this ominous hour of adrenaline-inducing audiovisual goodness. This debut of the "DARK MODE" studio sets the stage for upcoming livestream events and more sets to come.

LifeAn Excerpt from a Letter to Myself

An ongoing practice I attribute a great deal of my mental health and clarity of thought to is the practice of exchanging letters with myself. This can take the form of a self-interview, where I sit down and write out direct questions in relation to whatever I'm going through at that moment in time, and the honest answers to them - or more frequently: encouraging streams of consciousness exercises like this. I stumbled across this in a notebook recently, and thought the words may offer some encouragement to others as well.

MusicPlaylist: “Space Cowboy”

Echoes of the past come alive in this adventure through the stars, where the timeless allure of jazz and the raw beat of live breaks serve as the heartbeat of interstellar travel.

MusicPlaylist: “Caress.”

Inspired by the bittersweet agony of aching for somebody thousands of miles away, this provocative playlist is much better purposed for softness shared during the thrilling moments of physically connecting with somebody new.